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Why Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

You may not have realised that the second largest expense to your house after it's purchase, was probably the carpets. To ensure you get the maximum life out of your carpets, it will help if you vacuum them on a regular basis, once a week or more frequently if possible.

This is not the end of the story as grit particles, food and drink spillages, along with pet hair, the dust mite and all manner of foreign bodies fall to the bottom of the carpet fibre, and through the course of time, will gradually wear your carpets out and can lead to increased breathing problems to asthma sufferers.

It is for this reason that a professional company such as Aladdin Cleaning Services, using the latest in carpet cleaning technology should be called in at least once a year, or even every six months if you have pets or children, to thoroughly clean your carpets. Regular cleaning will not only ensure a clean and healthy environment, but will actaully double the life span of your carpet by removing the grit particles which have an abrasive effect on the fibres - a little like sand paper on wood.

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