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Cleaning Method

In our experience, Aladdin Cleaning have found that the H.W.E (Hot water extraction) method of cleaning is by far the most thorough, deep and effective cleaning system available. In various situations and where allowed to experiment we have tried steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning, dry compound cleaning, dry solvent cleaning and rotary machine cleaning. We found H.W.E to be the most effective of all and therefore only use this method.

During cleaning we will carefully move all furniture, unless requested otherwise, and on completion of cleaning, we will replace your furniture using foil tabs or blocks, where necessary, to protect your carpet.

Even before switching on the cleaning machine there are some important pre-cleaning steps to take. After the pre-cleaning inspection we will carry out colour fastness/shrinkage tests on any potentially vulnerable material/fibres.

Once we are totally satisfied that no problems will arise during cleaning, your carpet/upholstery/rug will be thoroughly power vacuumed to remove loose soil. Approximately 80% of the dirt in a carpet can be removed with a professional power vacuuming machine.

Where necessary, an advanced soil releasing agent (pre-spray) will be applied to loosen any existing spots, stains and soiling. This chemical is left for approximately 10 minutes (dwell time) to give maximum effectiveness of soil lifting before your soft furnishings are then carefully, slowly and thoroughly machine cleaned. Great care is taken to dry the cleaned area as much as possible using both the extraction machine and if necessary, a turbo dryer. No additional charge is added for turbo drying.

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